Real Estate Investing Reimagined

Real Estate Investing Reimagined

The term brings to mind businessmen buying properties to “flip”, and make tremendously risky short-term profits. On the other hand, it is also seen as a stable, low yield asset class. This contradiction highlights one simple truth: when it comes to real estate, method is everything. Clever investors realize that the right kind of property investments are stable, hands off, and can reap tremendous gains over any period of time.

Unlike other common investments, there are several of ways to make money with real estate:

Monthly Cash Flow

 A property might be a fantastic buy if it generates positive cash flow.


Even a property with no rent potential can also be an excellent choice.

Equity Growth

Leverage loans to purchase investments beyond immediate capital

Tax Shields

Along with the tax breaks that come along with it.

And perhaps the single best place for real estate right now is…

Downtown, Miami

In investing, it’s good practice to read the signs. To examine historical data, to observe world events, to carefully study where things are moving. What does this tell us about Miami? It tells us that in just twenty years, downtown has transformed from a ghost town into one of the hottest “places to be” in the entire country.

That the type of foreign investment has changed completely from the past, and that it’s now seen as a destination for luxury residences much in the same way as London or New York. Walk down the street today, and you’ll find the streets lined with trendy restaurants, shops, and bars, along with the new millennial residents that have brought them in. Miami has become a younger, more global city. And…

It is Poised to Become the Next American Success Story

Traditionally building its reputation as a tourist destination and a port city, Miami’s fantastic beaches and renowned location as a cruise stopover are well known. And that’s what makes this newest turn-around so exciting – it has nothing to do with the city’s ocean-side allure. A far cry from a decade ago, Miami has become one of the most business-friendly environments in the U.S., with some of the lowest taxes.

Businesses have been scrambling to invest in Miami, with huge malls, hotels, skyscrapers, and museums. The city is rapidly changing from a tropical stopover to an urbanized business capital, attracting new residents and opportunities from everywhere in the world. At this very moment, several billion dollar projects are under construction in Downtown Miami/Brickell area, including the Miami WorldCenter, Brickell City Center, Skyrise Miami, All Aboard Florida and many more. 

These facilities are not only the largest projects ever built in the city’s history, but also in the state’s. With a booming population, tons of residential construction, and a business-friendly government, downtown Miami is looking a lot like the next New York.

What Does This Mean For Real Estate?

Everything. With Miami, and downtown/Brickell in particular, well on its way to becoming a global metropolis, a unique opportunity is present. It is a rare chance to be able to invest in a city about to experience explosive growth. There are several factors that determine a strong real estate investment. In Miami, every one is likely to be advantageous in the near future.

All the pieces are in place for downtown property values to appreciate sharply in several areas, especially near major projects. New malls, museums, and proximity to major companies make it the “place to be,” not only guaranteeing quick occupancy and positive cash flow, but also ensuring a strong resale value. With mortgage rates remaining near record lows, it’s an ideal time to invest and leverage your existing buying power. And the low-tax environment of Miami is incredibly useful in protecting your investments from taxation.

Why Us?

There are many real estate firms in the Miami area – but few with our focus on analytics and potential return. Our unique analysis-based approach is rooted in hard data and trend prediction. We believe that investing in real estate can be more profitable and just as easy as investing in anything else, and our integrated management solution ensures little to no micromanagement.


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